Miami's Party Station

Ivy Baby Shower Fun!!



So after weeks of planning and driving my mom & friends NUTS, my baby shower finally came to life! It was so picture perfect! The fact that my friends & family were there, the fact the we did it all ourselves, and that everyone had a great time made me super happy! Of course I had an “unconventional” baby shower. It was a “Momma’s Lil Bad Boy” theme with a temporary tattoo station, motorcycles, and fun stuff including a photo booth and baby karaoke competition where we battled songs that had “baby” in it. “Ice Ice Baby” & “That’s Just my Baby Daddy” were the biggest hits! I had a blast! And I’m super excited to be delivering my baby Zenyus soon! Weeks away..Ahhhh…this is CRAZY!!! Ok, on to do my kegel exercises!