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9 months ago

The Celebrities Who Landed On The Oscars 2014 Worst-Dressed List Need Some Major Help (PHOTOS)

The huffington post hates to see fashion fails on the Oscars red carpet, but year after year, there are stars that just fall flat. At the 2014 Oscars, the ladies on our worst-dressed list struggled with everything, from shapeless dresses (we’re looking at you, Veerle Baetens) to bra-less moments …


9 months ago

2014 Oscars Party Pics

Which one of them is NOT like the other one? Lol, although she is absolutely stunning…we had no idea how much Khloe K. towered over her sisters. View the 2014 Oscars Party Pics photo gallery.


9 months ago

Video: Fail Parenting Of The Week: Little Kids Rapping Trinidad James

We couldn’t post this because of the lyrics, “little” fingers and smoking, but…the bad parenting AWARD definitely goes to whomever posted this of their kids. Click Read More to see actual video.

Rolling Stone

9 months ago

Chris Brown Suffers From Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Says Court Report

Chris Brown’s behavioral problems may be the result of a mix of bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, E! News reports. The publication obtained a probation officer’s report that includes a letter from a residential treatment facility attributing Brown’s troubles to mental health issues. “Mr. Brown will… require close supervision by his treating physician in […]

Lucy Lopez

9 months ago

John Travolta’s Hair.

What is going on with John Travolta’s hair? I know everyone is pissed he mispronounced Indina Menzel’s name, but what about his hair? I’m upset with that. I’m upset that John Travolta hasn’t committed to a style. I mean c’mon Johnny! You are the reason Pulp Fiction is the bomb! You are the reason Grease […]


9 months ago

March in Miami, are you ready?

March in Miami is no walk in the park! I was born in Bogota, Colombia but was raised in Miami since the age of 1.  Since then I have been entrenched in the melting pot that is South Florida but most importantly I have many years of experiencing March in Miami. March in Miami is […]


9 months ago

Singer Pharrell says singing at the Oscars is something special

Singer Pharrell Williams appreciates the chance to sing his song “Happy” at the Oscars, says it’s “an opportunity not afforded to many people.” My new favorite song, it just makes any situation better and well…it just makes you Happy! Congrats to Pharrell from DJ LS!


9 months ago

’12 Years a Slave’ named best picture at Oscars – CNN.com

The searing drama “12 Years a Slave” was named best picture at the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday night.  Haven’t seen it but knowing it won best picture makes me want to make sure I watch it.  Check out the details.  DJ LS


9 months ago

Oscars 2014: Ellen’s Record-Breaking Tweet Selfie With Meryl, Julia

Is this the most star-studded selfie of all time?  Kevin Spacey has broken twitter! Did you enjoy the Oscar’s? Had a good nap? I know I slept good and then woke up to find Kevin’s tweet broke Twitter.  Check out the story. DJ LS