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9 months ago

50 Cent Insults Snoop Dogg’s Manicure, Snoop Responds Perfectly!!

After stirring up controversy with a recent homophobic Instagram message, 50 cent has gone on the attack again, this time targeting a different rap legend.  50 Cent is tripping if he thinks he can step to the Dee-Oh double Gee and come out clean.After Snoop posted a photo of his latest manicure (a house call, […]


9 months ago

Juan Pablo Galavis is the ‘worst Bachelor ever': Show insiders say producers are ‘over him’

Juan Pablo Galavis, the current bachelor, is causing quite a stir for the hit romance reality series and producers aren’t happy about it. nsiders say producers can’t wait until the season is over, after Galavis’ anti-gay comment controversy proved to be a headache for the network. “Everyone on the show is just so over him […]


9 months ago

Justin Bieber — Vulgar Attack on Court Reporter

Justin Bieber viciously attacked the one person in his deposition who didn’t have a dog in the fight … the soft-spoken court reporter, who he essentially called a f***ing moron. Justin sat for the 4 1/2 hour deposition in connection with a lawsuit filed (WE CAN’T POST THE VIDEO BECAUSE OF AWFUL WORDS LOL) But…


9 months ago

The San Francisco Times

Whats up! It’s your boy DJ LS connecting with my peoples! Here is an article of a young man from Africa who decided to not have an excuse and decided to create solutions to his communities problems.  Please take a moment to learn about how you can help other communities and kids learn how to […]


9 months ago

Daddy Yankee special interview

Daddy Yankee is more than just a shade-bearing reggeatonero with a passion for mujeres Latinas . The Puerto Rican superstar shares some of his ideas about going digital with his latest album and about the mamis in Calle Ocho.  Check out the interview and go check out the pictures from his awesome performance at the […]