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Rob Kardashian NOT attending the big wedding?


Okay so we all know the Kanye/Kardashian wedding is going to be the wedding of the year but unfortunately not everybody important will be in attendance. According to Radar Online Kim’s baby brother Rob is said to be “feeling down in the dumps” about his weight gain and was even quoted saying “i don’t want to attend the i do’s in Paris”.

rob3rob 2


Ummmmm hello sir, people are dying to attend this wedding and you don’t want to go bc of weight gain?!?!? Although Rob and Kanye are very close he has no desire to go to France for his sisters big day. I mean really though are they even close anymore? Seems like he favors Khloe more than anybody. Reality of the situation, weight gain or not I’m sure he will be there! Who would miss this over the top wedding?!?!?!? Til next time folks TURN UP!