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7 months ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child! Just like daddy!

This is just super crazy to see a Mexican lil Arnold Schwarzenegger! His 16-year-old love child is looking just like dad in his speedos while he competes with his swimming team….


8 months ago

THE DOWNLOW w/ Lucy Lopez & Iggy Azalea

) We snuck into the sexy Iggy Azalea’s dressing room before she turned up and TURNED OUT the 2014 City Year – “Paint The Town Red” Gala at the University of Miami… Lucy get’s the Down-low from Iggy and the two discuss their “Naughty” parts, Stage Diving vs. getting “Swiped”, wardrobe Malfunctions and the concept […]


8 months ago

Colorado Recreational Weed Sales Top $14 Million In First Month

During the first month of recreational marijuana sales, Colorado’s licensed dispensaries generated a total of more than $14 million, putting about $2 million of tax revenue into state coffers in the process. The state Department of Revenue released the figures on Monday, which showed how much Colorado has taken in from both medical and recreational […]

Lucy Lopez

8 months ago

Let’s Make Out!!!

First Kiss is a film by Tatia Pllieva. How awkward was your first kiss? Your heart probably wanted to jump out of your body? You probably started to sweat in spots you never thought you would! You hoped for the absolute best. Well, could you imagine making out with a complete stranger? ON FILM!!!?? This […]