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My interview with the First Lady….


Anyone who knows ANYTHING about me, knows that I’m a huge fan of the First Lady.  Classy, sophisticated, educated, and the list goes on. And so when I got a call saying that the First Lady wanted to come on my show (after passing out and waking up and passing out again) I was THRILLED.  I was literally SHAKING during the whole interview.  I’ve interviewed a lot of stars and not one made me feel like this. (Well, aside from Beyonce, but that’s another story). As it turns out though, I’m not the only one.  As I answered calls throughout my show I found that  a majority of people thought me interviewing Michelle Obama was the …..COOLEST THING EVER. I agree.  I will forever remember this day.  And so will all my friends because I probably won’t stop talking about this for a long. long. time. Check out my interview and enjoy….