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Drake and Rihanna: Is love is in the air?


So you already know I’m OBSESSED with Drake, but Ive been saying this since “take Care” released…RIHANNA AND DRAKE NEED TO BE TOGETHER!!!! Well, Drizzy has been in Europe on tour and Rihanna has been there right with him! Although he already shot down rumors of them together, we all can see whats really going on!!!!


drake2 drake1


After pictures and even a video has surfaced of the two holding hands and flirting, its safe to say there’s definitely something between them! A source close to them said: “There’s definitely no question about their romance anymore. Rihanna and Drake spent the whole night with their tongues down each others throats and didn’t seem to care about everybody seeing.” Well there you have it folks! I totally give Drake my permission to date her! True story! Til next time..TURN UP!