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9 months ago

27 Things Your Parents Call By The Wrong Name

“You won’t believe what I saw on the FaceTube this morning, son.” Hilarious!!! Do YOUR parents do this??? 1. “Jennifer JayLawrence” “Jennifer JayLawrence” Lucy Nicholson / Reuters The “J-Law” nickname is very confusing to some parents. 2. “Trader Jones” “Trader Jones” Flickr: octobergirl 3. “P.J. Chung’s” “P.J. Chung’s” Flickr: alaivani 4. “Hewlett Packard” “Hewlett Packard” […]


9 months ago

Miley Cyrus Tour Bus: On Fire!

*Snickers*…not trying to laugh at this crazy girl and Everyone is okay… but wow. Miley Cyrus’ tour bus goes up in flames in this video. Can you think of 1 Reason why this could’ve happened? (See Below) No it wasn’t a blunt that was left lit…according to sources…The tour bus was ferrying Miley’s mom and […]


9 months ago

[PHOTOS] Would YOU let your man wear meggings? Designers aiming to make men feel ‘comfortable and look great’ in leggings

They were voted the biggest fashion faux pas of last year, but ‘meggings’ – that’s male leggings – could become a male wardrobe staple this season.Two British designers have unveiled a range of meggings, which they hope will enable men to ‘both look great and feel comfortable in leggings.’Luke Shipley and Tom Hunt established sTitch […]


9 months ago

Powerful Men More Likely to Cheat Due to High Pressure Jobs

Cheating men believe that having a powerful position makes them cheat more, a phenomenon made worse by the fact most female cheaters see a high ranking status in the office as a turn on.According to research by dating site Victoria Milan, which questioned 2,500 people, more than eight in ten (81%) male respondents said that […]


9 months ago

Video: KTLA Anchors React To Los Angeles Earthquake On Live TV

If you’ve been on Twitter at all this morning (or, you know, actually live in Southern California) you’re certainly aware that Los Angeles experienced an earthquake. From what I can tell from all the tweets by comedians I follow it was relatively minor so I should feel comfortable in having a laugh at the below […]


9 months ago

Lady Gaga Admits She Was Bankrupt During 2009 Monster Ball Tour!

What a poker face! Lady Gaga may have rocked the music industry with her debut album The Fame in 2008 (and those killer outfits!), but it turns out the woman who was telling everyone to “just dance” wasn’t living a life of luxury behind closed doors at the time. In a sneak peek of the […]


9 months ago

Kardashian Kids Launches at Babies R Us With A Lot of Leopard Print

Kardashian Kids, a clothing line for baby girls, will launch exclusively on March 15 at Babies R Us. It’s all kind of half-assed, which is weird because everything else they do is usually full-assed. Something that will be outgrown and forgotten in 3 months, priced twice as high because of a little added tackiness? That […]


9 months ago

Chris Brown — You Got Too Close to Our Women So We Booted You From Rehab

Chris Brown was thrown out of the Malibu rehab facility Friday for violating 3 internal rules … including a special rule imposed specifically on him — STAY AT LEAST 2 FEET FROM THE WOMEN.Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … the rehab facility imposed the 2-foot rule because of the Rihanna case — specifically, […]


9 months ago

The First Cellphone Went on Sale 30 Years Ago for $4,000

Somewhere in either Chicago, Baltimore or Washington, someone plunked down $3,995 to buy the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, the first handheld cellphone, on March 13, 1984 – 30 years ago today. We don’t know who that first cellphone buyer was. At the time, the occasion didn’t register as historically auspicious. After all, in 1984, the terms […]

The Hollywood Gossip

9 months ago

My Little Pony Backpack: Bullying Trigger?

The school district told Grayson and his mom, Noreen, that he needed to leave his My Little Pony Bookbag at home because the item had become a “trigger for bullying.” Buncombe County school administrators said in a statement that “an initial step was taken to immediately address a situation that had created a disruption.” The […]