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Kardashian Kids Launches at Babies R Us With A Lot of Leopard Print


Kardashian Kids, a clothing line for baby girls, will launch exclusively on March 15 at Babies R Us. It’s all kind of half-assed, which is weird because everything else they do is usually full-assed. Something that will be outgrown and forgotten in 3 months, priced twice as high because of a little added tackiness? That brand-building company knows how to match a product to a client. “Twice as high”? Those are pretty standard kid clothes prices. Unless I’m missing something. I mean, I guess you can dress your baby in Walmart stuff for cheaper, but as far as lower midrange stuff goes, that’s pretty in line with pricing. Their two-pack of onesies is $19.99. I searched onesie on the rest of the Toys R Us site, the other two-pack options are $9.99 for regular white ones, and $23.99 for organic cotton. They’re charging organic prices for nonorganic goods!

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