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Hilarious BEDROOM Dealbreakers!


Every single girl has something she is NOT down with when it comes to the bedroom. It’s  pretty funny to hear girls go off and talk about their “no no’s”….This topic had my phones going off the hook in the studio! One girl said “I’m sorry, but I’m NOT down with the R. Kelly thang!”…TOO MUCH! LOL…Toss this question around with your girls and see what craziness come sout of it!

1. No Means No
“I met a guy online who was good looking. He seemed like a normal guy who I thought would be a fun hookup. But before we’d barely even gotten into it, he asked if he could put it in my butt. When I said no, he asked, ‘Why not?’ Um, because I said so? This is the FIRST time we’ve hooked up, and you’re going there already? Not to mention all he could talk about the rest of the time that we hung out was my ass. That was the end of that. He apologized after a little time had passed and was actually sincere about it, but I was definitely not interested in trying again. When I say no, I mean NO.” – Keira, 25

2. Peeing Also Means No
“Once my ex boyfriend asked me to pee on him during sex. I could never look at him the same. Even now [when I look back] it’s like, everything was great … and then there was this need for my pee…” — Ashley, 26

And she’s not alone …

“While getting ready to have sex with a guy, he asked if he could pee in side of me…we haven’t spoken in over a year.” — Sheena, 29

3. Laverne And Shirley Have No Place In The Bedroom
“For some reason, the guy I’m dating and I were talking about TV theme songs while laying in bed. So, before we got intimate he decided to turn on the theme song to the TV show Laverne and Shirley. I can NOT have sex to the theme song of Laverne and Shirley. It’s just not possible.” — Margo, 41

4. Stuffed Squirrels Are Not Sexy
“On a chilly night in October, an adorable friend of a friend invited me back to his place after dancing. He was cute, romantic and really funny. We got to his charming apartment and low and behold — he was into taxidermy. But I’m not talking a stuffed moose. Being that it’s New York City and the apartments are small, all he had room for was a stuffed squirrel, lying on his fireplace mantle on its side. Just staring at me. A stuffed squirrel? That’s an urban rodent. Who wants to make eye contact with a squirrel when they’re having sex? DEALBREAKER.” -Vicky, 35, author of The Russian Drop: Love, Hate, and Revenge in New York City

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