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Ciara Celeb Hanging With BFF’s Kim Kardashian And LaLa At Her Baby Shower!


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Ciara is said to be ready to pop next month and her girls Kim Kardashian and LaLa were there to celebrate with her at her Baby Shower! I absolutely adore what their photo together represents. Whether you have beef with any of these chics or not, the are all great friends, they are all beautiful, successful, and ultimately all MOMS! Alot of women asscoaiate having a child with their life ending, but I think it just means it gives you even more of a reason to be your BEST! It’s a push that can’t be explained! Your babies being the purpose behind your hussle is a drive that can’t be compared to anything else. I haven’t even popped out my bundle of joy and I feel so passioante about being stronger and better at everyhting, from WHO I am to everything that I do, because of HIM! WATCH OUT WORLD!! Congrats to Ciara! I’m sure this is a new chapeter she is super excited about! Click “Read More” to check out more photos…

-Ya Chica Ivy

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