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8 months ago

Frankie Knuckles, ‘Godfather of House Music,’ Dead at 59

Very Sad Day for House Music Fans. Before EDM, House Music was the heart and soul of dance music and Frankie Knuckles was a pioneer. @ClubCatoK  ——


8 months ago

deadmau5 invites Rob Ford on a “Purrari” Coffee run.

Canadian Mouse Cadet Deadmau5 has been on a rampage lately, from his recent coffee run discussion with Vanilla Ice, to his controversial “Trolling” main stage performance at Ultra. Now it seems the Mau5 is inviting Toronto crack head mayor Rob Ford for a ride in his custom Ferrari aka Purrari. @ClubCatoK ——————


8 months ago

Cheers to you Sam Smith.

Sam Smith…This guy is the truth. I gotta say that I am huge fan. Just 2 years ago he was serving drinks as a bartender in Britain. Now his songs are all over the radio.This month alone he has perfumed on SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, and a bunch of award shows. A message to all you singing […]


8 months ago

April Fools Best Pranks of 2014

In honor of April Fool’s Day this week, BREAK thought though they would put together a compilation of all prank videos. But before you think they’re too cruel – No one in these videos was injured… at least not too bad. Okay No One Died. Let’s just leave it at that.


8 months ago

Zog4TheWin [Free Download]

Turning down is not an option….unless it’s for what. Life is about figuring out a way to fist pump and twerk at the same damn time. Rage with DJ Zog as he delivers 50 minutes of nonstop awesome sauce.


8 months ago

Nicki Minaj Grants the Wish of a Little Girl With Cancer-See the Cute Pic!

Nicki Minaj just made one brave little girl’s day! Cancer patient Miyah dreamed of meeting her idol and wearing one of her infamous pink wigs, and so the superstar rapper graciously made it a reality. The 31-year-old performer posted a series of heartwarming photos with the adorable 5-year-old child on her Instagram, as her young […]


8 months ago

Nick Cannon Has Cheetah Print Hair Now

After donning whiteface to promote his new album, “White People Party Music,” Nick Cannon is no stranger to a little transformation. The rapper/TV personality shared a couple of selfies on his Instagram account Monday morning, March 31, to debut his drastic new hairdo, which features cheetah spots.Cannon revealed that he was a bit hesitant to […]


8 months ago

Karrueche Tran Records Chris Brown’s Phone Call From Jail: Watch !!!

Not even a jail sentence can come between Chris Brown and his fans. The singer is currently behind bars until April 17, but he couldn’t go that long without speaking to Team Breezy, so he delivered a message through his girl Karrueche Tran. Brown was arrested in Los Angeles on March 14 for violating probation, […]


8 months ago

Hoop Hop – LeBron James – EPIC RAP SESSION …

Watch out Ricky Rozay! Number 6, mister LeBron James has finally recorded an entire rap verse. If you have ever taken a basketball to the face then you know what pain is, yet that is nothing compare to the pain of listening to a King James verse. What does he sound like? Glad you asked…Picture […]

John Duhe

8 months ago

Carmen Calls (SAT Tutor)

Carmen’s getting a tutor for her nephew who’s taking his SAT’s. Last time didn’t work out so well, so hopefully this time is better!