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Boomer Esiason Is No Fan Of Paternity Leave


So let me get this straight, You would make your wife have a c-section early just so you wouldn’t miss a game? OR! Only be there for the birth and then come back to play immediately? Sounds like father of the year to me! Listen, we all have jobs we have to attend to and keep whether we have kids or not but to stay that a man can’t spend time with his family is absurd. IT’S ONLY THE FIRST WEEK OF BASEBALL!! Who cares if he misses 3 days or two weeks of games, IT’S HIS CHOICE! Moron!


You would think that with all the family issues that he’s had to deal with, Boomer Esiason might be a little more sensitive when it comes to the birth of a child, even considering the landscape of professional sports.

The NFL analyst and radio host, along with his partner, Craig Carton, are catching a lot of heat for their stances on New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy leaving the team to be with his wife in Florida following the birth of the couple’s son. Murphy has the right to paternity leave under baseball’s collective bargaining agreement, but that didn’t stop Boomer and Carton from questioning why the player is leaving the team after the birth.

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