Miami's Party Station


Lucy Lopez


Let me be the first to introduce you the most beautiful couple on the planet: Harald Glööckler and Amanda Lepore. I’ve been a fan of Ms. Lepore for a hot minute now & I’ve secretly sent Harald photos to all my friends since ’06. They are NOT an item, but who cares. They are specimens of beauty to me.

Here’s what’s awesome about this:

10. His eyebrows.

9. His goatee

8. His clothes.

7. The manicures.

6. The lean in. A photo pose with “the lean in” takes discipline and talent.

5. This will be your screen saver for at least 2 hours.

4. Beauty wins.

3. The contouring that happened days before these photos were taken should be acknowledged at the Guggenheim.

2. The gentleman is clearly an Olympian. Why else would he wear an Olympic Gold medal around his neck?

1. It’s a man and a woman that was once a man.