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Sneaker collectors are going crazy over massive restocking of retro Air Jordans


The shoe supplier Eastbay announced that they will release a big amount of retro Nike Air Jordan sneakers this Saturday morning for order on their website.Sneakerheads responded like you would expect them to – they all lost their minds.To all my sneakerheads that missed some crucial pickups from the past few months, Eastbay is having a wild Jordan restock on the 19th- Derek YEETer (@Air_Gemini1) April 14, 2014This massive Eastbay Jordan restock is going to shut down the internet in its entirety…- Hacksaw Jim Thuggin’ (@Run_GMC) April 14, 2014Eastbay site can’t handle 1 Jordan release. What makes them think they will be handle 30 at once?- Dom B. (@dombui) April 14, 2014Eastbay posted photos of retro Jordans on their Shoe Release Date Calendar. The shoes are all to be released on April 19th at 8 a.m. They also confirmed this restock was real on Twitter.EastbayIn total, 31 different styles of retro Jordans will be released on Saturday morning, in an event that will almost certainly crash their site.

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