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We put cell phones before sex: The typical American revealed


A fascinating new infographic has delved into the ‘weird’ habits of modern Americans.According to a results from a survey by Statista, 26 per cent of those asked admitted they ‘couldn’t live without’ their cell phones, compared to only 20 per cent who said they couldn’t forgo sex.And it’s not surprising that we are so attached; 44 per cent of U.S. phone owners sleep with their treasured devices, and 67 per cent check their phones even when they aren’t ringing or vibrating.Not tonight honey, I’ve got a text: The fascinating infographic reveals that more Americans admit they can’t live without their cell phones than those who said they couldn’t forgo sexA surprising 69 per cent of us have had trouble identifying whether an outing with someone we are attracted to was a date or not.

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