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Drake, You MAY BE The Father!


Could Drake have a love child in Miami, Florida? Pictures of a baby boy went viral after the child’s mother posted side-by-side photos of him and Drake on Instagram. But, is there any truth to the speculation? Click inside to find out!Drake, 27, might have some explaining to do very soon. According to Shirdkevia Myrick, her son belongs to the Canadian rapper.Drake’s Love Child Revealed OnlineUh oh! Does Drake have an illegitimate baby in Miami, Florida?On April 18, the internet was abuzz with rumors that the little boy Shirdkevia Myrick posted on her Instagram and Facebook belonged to the one and only Drake.In one photo shared by Shirdkevia, she put a picture of her son side-by-side with a picture of Drake as a baby. The physical attributes are uncanny! The little boy is a spitting image of Drake, and it’s crazy!

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