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Game 1: Miami Heat vs Charlotte Bobcats



There was some moments where it looked like they were in trouble, but in the end your Miami Heat defeated the Charlotte Bobcats 99-88 in game 1. The Bobcats took a huge hit once their star player Al Jefferson left with an injury and even though he returned and added 18 points and 10 rebounds, he was just a shell of himself. Lebron James finished with 27 points and 9 rebounds and Dwyane Wade, added 23 points of his own. The surprise spark plug came in the form of James Jones, who finished with 12 points.

Now for the lighter notes. If Josh McRoberts went to Church today, I’m sure someone would have mistaken him for Jesus Christ Himself. Chris Douglas Roberts hair looks like a hangout spot for tarantulas, so I feel like it’s safe to call his hair “Charlottes Web.” I believe The Miami Maintenance Program was definitely a reason why Dwyane Wade and James Jones played as well as they did. I feel so confident in that statement, the Program should be offered as a pitch for any player trying to come play for the Heat next year. Could you imagine the sales pitch? “Get paid little and play even littler.” Lastly, Kemba Walker is really fast, and I hope this series finishes even faster. One Game down. Game 2 will be Wednesday at 7P.M – Binoj

Josh McRoberts aka Easter Jesus

Josh McRoberts aka Easter Jesus

Chris Douglas Roberts aka Charlotte's Web

Chris Douglas Roberts aka Charlotte’s Web


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