Miami's Party Station


Lucy Lopez

Sometimes, I feel like I’m late to the party. According to my new friend: OTTO VON SCHIRACH. It’s “Tropical” & he’s just happy I made it.  I once got lost on the internet. I was originally looking of directions to Kush Wynwood and somehow made a discovery that my booty and ears are still thanking me for.  I found the video “Salpica” … or better yet… Salpica found me.  A video highlighting EVERYTHING I love about Miami. Bass, colors, the people, chusmeria, bearded super star drag queens from Hialeah ((Instagram Shout out: @bassfunkdaddy & @juleisyykarla)) and the beautiful streets of my home THE 305. Longest story ever …short…I tweeted him..he tweeted me…his people tweeted me…I tweeted them…and the rest is history. Here is OTTO VON SCHIRACH’s newest song: TROPICAL.  Listen. Dance…and for three minutes immerse yourself in some seriously delicious music.



@ottovonschirach is unapologetic with his music.

He represents a side of Miami that everyone loves.

He’s from outer space.

He’s gonna be your new favorite.

As my new friend would say: Un tipo tiburon!