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Village People BAN Y.M.C.A from being played at Clippers games!


And the Clipper saga continues… Dear Donald Sterling you sir will NOT be staying at the YMCA! So check it.. the cop from Village People…ya know the band that sings “YMCA” yeah that one…well he’s BANNING the Clippers from playing “Y.M.C.A” at home games…all thanks to our pal Donald Sterling!



As we all know Y.M.C.A is a pretty famous song which gets played at alot of sporting events. Well, according to TMZ, Victor Willis, the dude who actually owns the rights to the song is pretty mad about all that’s been going on and stated ” Sterling, you’re banned from playing Y.M.C.A or ANY of my music at Clippers games and I mean it!!!! Wow, i guess he means business!!! I wonder what other artist are going to start pulling music!!! Til next time folks…Turn UP!!!