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Chris Brown must stay in jail for at least another week!


So our favorite jail bird Chris Brown must remain in an LA jail for at least another week while his lawyer negotiates with the prosecutor about his probation violation. If convicted Mr.Brown could spend up to 4 years in the slammer!! Chris attended a court hearing yesterday and oh yes he was wearing his official orange jail suit, how cute.

 chris 2 chris 1


According to his lawyer, “He’s doing remarkably well under the circumstances, it’s a challenging situation to be in”. Hmm maybe jail is doing Breezy good? or nah? His lawyer is also filing a motion to have Chris released from jail which wont even be considered until May 9th which is his next hearing.. Wow,and to think this alllll stems from the madness in 2009 when he decided to beat Rihanna! Geez, don’t drop the soap sir! Til next time folks…TURN UP!