Miami's Party Station


Lucy Lopez

So…I never thought I would be the recipient of “Mom Art.” You know the kind of art I’m talking about. Macaroni necklaces, giant colored tissue flowers and the ever classic ceramic hand print.  My mom never saved anything I made her. I’m not mad at her. She’s from Cuba. That generation from Cuba doesn’t hold onto material things.  Always scared some dude in a uniform will knock on your door and ask you to get the eff out!  Get out and you can’t take anything with you but  the clothes on your back & your kids. It’s true! The only thing my mom has of my childhood is an old dictionary I use to highlight words in and pictures. That’s it!

With that said…here is my first “real handmade Mother Art for Mother’s Day.”  I will keep it.  Show it off to her when she’s older. Tell her why I kept it and why her abuela is awesome…  #epiphany