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Dame Dash Gives No Eff’s!


Give Dame Dash the chance to talks some sh*t and 9 out of 10, he’ll have you rolling. In a recent interview where he gives absolutely zero f*cks, Dame gives his take on the Jay Z and Solange “elevator” spat. Talking in a lighthearted manner and not maliciously at all, Dame expands on the “cool” factor that his longtime friend has kept on for so many years.”I thought it was funny cause Jay is the kinda guy you don’t see him move like that that much. And when he does move, if it’s not that cool looking, then it’s going to be kicks. Also I feel like nobody teases Jay but me for some reason. It’s just the first time I’ve seen people freely expressing themselves. What I’m really happy about is when they were bombing on me about saying I was broke and all that that there wasn’t any Instagram cause I’m sure people would have had mad funny jokes. But I would have been getting back at n*ggas. I like to snap.”Watch the interview below…”I don’t think he should mad about it. I think he should be laughing. That sh*t was funny. Everybody fights. Girls done spit on me before but I be a little more ‘You better chill out.’ The shit is funny.’ Jay has to worry about perception because corporately people pay him. He really has to play that game. I thought what was ironic about it was people got to see how he played sh*t off. And how something crazy can happen and four seconds later when it’s cameras on they act like nothing is going on. I thought that was interesting to see that and how good he is at it. If people don’t like what he’s doing, he won’t get that corporate check.

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