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Bride Reacts To Internet Criticism After She Attaches Newborn To Wedding Dress And Drags Her Down The Aisle

necole bitchie

What part of the matrimonial game is this?!

This past weekend, a Tennessee woman by the name of Shona Carter-Brooks made headlines after she thought it would be a good idea to have her one-month-old be a part of her wedding ceremony, so she attached the poor baby to her dress train as she walked down the aisle. Yes, y’all. Shona dragged her baby all over the church floor as she met her husband Johnathan and pastor at the altar.

Although the wedding happened about a month ago, it wasn’t until the photo was posted on Facebook that the outrage began and commenters questioned her ridiculous decision:

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have seen….no wait, people defending her decision to drag a month old baby on the floor is more ridiclous….WTF

Why not carry the baby? You thought you were being different & cute by dragging your infant on the back of your wedding dress? HOW SWAY!? Lemme drag my baby down the aisle, lmao. My family would be dragging me next!

Shona, meanwhile, addressed the controversy on her Facebook while assuring people that her baby was properly secured and covered by “the Blood.”

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