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Ivy’s FAV part about Mommy-Hood! Her Boobs?



So you hear mom’s always yap away about how being a Mom is the hardest job in the world. But LET ME TEEEEEELL YOU…Was that the damn truth!! Where the hell is the “baby manual” when ya need one? Diapers, poopies, getting peed on, trying to figure out whether they are sleepy, hungry, or gassy. This is crazier than playing Jeopardy on a rainy Miami night! There are definitely some major perks though. The crack of a smile from my baby Zenyus, the cute little grunts he makes when he wants to eat, and of course one of my FAV parts….Drum roll please…..My PERFECT tig ‘o bitties!! I mean the Boobs are ON POINT!! I just want to go FREE! Bra-less..Running down South Beach…Admiring my boobs the way Rihanna did when she wore that see through dress with nothing but Swarovski crystals! The perkiness has me in la la land!! AMAZING! lol So enough about the girls. Time for another diaper change. Can’t wait to be back on air on June 30th to fill ya in on more Mommy-Hood CRAZINESS!!!