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Justin Bieber- Bathtub Baptism



Ohhhhhhhh Justin.

As you probably know, Justin Bieber has been on a fast-track to H-E-double hockey sticks! No but really, his “Baby, Baby, Baby” image has definitely been tarnished with all this bad boy behavior! Bad Bieber! And recently, with all these racist videos, I’m assuming he wants to clean up his act! I hope? So what is the only clear solution when your life is going astray? Baptism in a bathtub!

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber has been doing Bible study and attending services. Great! You go Glenn Coco. Why the drive-thru baptism? Bieber had ‘previously checked out a bunch of churches for the dip – but his cover was blown every time and he wanted to keep the whole thing private’.

We get you Justin. You just want Jesus as one of your homeboys.



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