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PSY’s Back! “Hangover” Featuring Snoop Dogg


Yup. PSY is back. Why? Because he is. This time he brought Snoop Dogg along for the WTF ride in their track together called, “Hangover”. From bar, to late night swimming in a water fountain, to singing their heart’s out in karaoke, to puking at an amusement park, then ending their night back at a….you guessed it….a bar, that pretty much sums up this video. The chorus is catchy and I’m sure it’ll be annoying after listening to it a few times but over all, it’s overdosed on drum tracks & beats. It’s like if you were enjoying a “fat one” while also tripping at the same time. Pretty wacky combo, huh?

For the past couple of years I’ve been into South Korean & Japanese music. I even started my own podcast (cheap plug), surrounding the music & the entertainment scene over there, so I’ve known about PSY way before “Gangnam Style”. To answer your question as to whether is he really a one hit wonder? Well, in America? Yes. In South Korea? No! He’s always been this wacky, crazy kind of rapper in South Korea, and that’s not a gimmick, that’s just him. Ever since he made his move over to YG Entertainment, which happens to be one of the top 3 major entertainment agencies in South Korea, they’ve given him the platform and money, to pretty much do anything he wanted. It’s worked! Single after single that he’s dropped in South Korea has been a major hit. I can’t blame him for trying that same formula here in the states, heck it worked. Over a billion views on youtube! Heck, that’s huge for anyone, let alone a rapper from South Korea. So big ups to PSY for sticking to just being him. Also shout out to G-Dragon from Big Bang & CL from 2NE1 for making cameos in the video.

Now excuse me while I drop my shot of soju into my Hite beer, as I eat my bowl of jajangmyeon.