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1 reason why Lebron is staying? This 22 year old.


napier2 With 1 sweeping kick to the groin of the Cavs, Rockets, Knicks, Bulls and Lakers, The Heat may have just resigned Lebron James. All this because of the 22 year old kid we just drafted. Shabazz Napier isn’ t just a draft pick. In the big picture, he’s a young talented mature 2 Time Champion that Lebron wanted. Rewind to April when Lebron tweeted this about Napier during the NCAA Tournament. Screenshot_2014-06-27-02-40-31-1 Now fast forward to tonight, and Lebron is now teammates with Napier. How happy is Lebron? IMG_308970458346811 Yep, sounds pretty happy….but wait, its not just Lebron who is in this kid’s corner. Ray Allen, The greatest 3 point shooter in basketball history, and fellow UConn Huskie seems to have open arms for this kid as well. He Instagram’d this picture after Lebron tweeted his own support. rayshabIt’s also safe to say that Bill Simmons and his tomato cheeks aren’t happy with what the Heat got in the draft. He seemed annoyed..really annoyed.


“I’m tired of teams helping Miami. Enough”

So to recap of how I think this will play out: Heat Draft Napier, which keeps Ray Allen and Lebron James in Miami; as a result, brings us more championships. All thanks to a 22 year old kid. #Heatles – Binoj