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Eric and Jason’s Steamy True Blood Scene Was Fantastic, According to Ryan Kwanten (and Viewers Everywhere)

E! Online

True Blood is the gift that keeps on giving, especially with last night’s dream sequence between Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgård. Warning, spoilers below!Viewers got a glimpse of the long-missing Eric Northman when he appeared in Jason Stackhouse’s (super-hot) dream. In it, Jason finds Eric, who was last seen reading naked atop a mountain in season six, and the two get hot and heavy. You see, Eric previously healed Jason, and when they happens, well, sexy dreams are a side effect.MORE: True Blood cast describes the final season in three wordsHBO”It was somewhat hilarious because Alex and I really only saw each other at the table reads, which is maybe once every two weeks,” Kwanten told E! News’ Marc Malkin. “We begged for the producers…to give us scenes together.”Kwanten thought the scene was “fantastic.” So did we. And we appreciate his resistance to calling it “fangtastic.”Sadly, it was a dream sequence. But what a dream it was! And to top it all off, Jason had the dream in church.

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