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The Devolution of Robin Thicke

Elite Daily

Ok at first, it was sweet. Robin Thicke was a heartbroken dude longing for his wife of so many years to return to him. Then it got creepy real fast. This guy has dedicated concerts to his wife and now has an album dedicated to her, with these desperate song titles as complimentary items. So here’s what happened yesterday. VH1 hosted a Twitter Q&A with Thicke, with the hashtag #AskThicke. How did it turnout? Well let’s just say Robin Thicke is officially the punchline of music. – Binoj

Here are some of the tweets.

robinthicke7 robin thicke1 robinthicke2 robinthicke3


robinthicke4 robinthicke8 robinthicke6 robinthicke5


Credit: Elite Daily, Twitter

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