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NY Daily News

3 weeks ago

DOUBLE WIN: Hot dog eating champ Joey Chestnut wins another title, pops question to girlfriend

He slipped a diamond ring around her slender finger and a championship belt across his bulging waist. Competitive eating champ Joey Chestnut, pumped up after proposing to his girlfriend, sucked down 61 hot dogs and buns Friday to claim his record eighth consecutive Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating title. “I felt like I could eat anything,” […]


3 weeks ago

Be Cool and Like THIS!

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The Huffington Post

3 weeks ago

Who Wants Another Kanye West Rant? Apparently No One.

Kanye West went on another one of his rants during his closing set at the Wireless Festival in London on Friday night, July 4. Wearing a studded mask, the rapper began a 15-minute speech in the middle of his set about consumerism, fame and discrimination in the fashion industry. With a black-and-white video of a […]

County Grind

3 weeks ago

Top 10 South Florida Tinder Photo Clichés

Tinder is a trip, man. For those who have been afforded the opportunity to get out there and get their swipe on in multiple states, there is no question that the variety and disparity of people looking for some action between different 38-mile radii is vast. Much like an area develops a dialect, an area’s […]

Rolling Stone

3 weeks ago

Tupac’s Murder Examined in New ‘National Geographic’ Documentary

Close to two decades after Tupac Shakur died of gunshot wounds following an altercation in Las Vegas, his death remains shrouded in mystery. A segment of the upcoming three-night, six-hour National Geographic Channel documentary The ’90s: The Last Great Decade?, tackles the issue with insight from Arsenio Hall, Gobi Rahimi, who directed Shakur’s “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” […]

The Huffington Post

3 weeks ago

If ‘Real Men’ Posed In Underwear Ads

It’s still hot. ———————- Brands like Dove and Aerie have already begun showing un-retouched, non-model female bodies in their advertisements, a small step in the direction of body positivity. But what would ads featuring “normal men” look like? A photo shoot from an English newspaper sought to imagine just that. In September 2013, The Sun asked four anonymous male readers to […]


3 weeks ago

Mya Is No Side Chick For Jay Z

Earlier this week, the popular site Crazy Days Crazy Nights blew the whistle after they posted a blind item reveal that claimed Mya has been Jay Z’s sidepiece and mistress for a long time.  It read:When people talk about Jay-Z and his mistresses, they often forget about a mainstay who has been there forever. She […]