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5 months ago

The Best Lebron Memes! [PHOTOS]

After the news of Lebron returning to his native Ohio, fans instead of burning jerseys took to photoshop to put out some pretty damn funny and cleaver Lebron Memes. Here are some of our favorites from Instagram (@Power_965) and Twitter (@Power965). Hastag your favorites #Power96    


5 months ago

The Beauty of Sam Smith- Acoustic LATCH

I just think that his voice is so beautiful… so here is the link to the acoustic version of Latch. It is every bit of gorgeous. Click link below to watch


5 months ago

Drake and Chris Brown… RIHANNA WHO??

Drake and Chris Brown are currently in the studio y’all! They are putting the beef (and Rihanna) behind them, and the money in the forefront! I think they have FINALLY realized that an amicable, working relationship could mean MILLION$$$ helloooo… Reasons this is good: a) Chris Brown can have a good relationship with the whole […]


5 months ago

The King’s Fling

“Miami, for me, has been almost like College for other kids. These past four years helped raise me into who I am.” – Lebron James That sentence stuck out at me in that letter, and I started drawing more parallels to the statement. LeBron James described “us” as his college experience. He had the perfect […]