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4 months ago

This Story Of A Dog’s Last Day On Earth Is Beautiful And Utterly Heartbreaking

You will not be able to make it through this post without shedding a tear.  I sure didn’t. – Will Note: The photos and captions on this post have been reproduced as they originally appeared on photographer Robyn Arouty’s blog. I Died Today. By Duke Roberts. Robyn Arouty / Via robynarouty.com And I ate a lot of hamburgers. […]

E! Online

4 months ago

J.Crew Launches Controversial Size Triple Zero!!

Little size, big controversy. The smallest clothing size is no longer double zero. J.Crew has just introduced an even more itty-bitty measurement: triple zero or extra-extra-extra small. As soon as XXXS-which is designed to fit a 23-inch waist-was announced, it was immediately met with criticism. Racked called the move “a new level of crazy” and […]


4 months ago

Jordan, Jay Z, Tiger, Carmelo Are Just A Few Who Pay Their ‘RE2PECT’ To Derek Jeter

Yes I, Cyn City, am a NY Yankees fan. Before you boo me or tell me to go back to NY, read what I’ve written with an open mind. Born and raised in the Bronx, I lived right around the block from Yankees stadium. I remember sitting by the window of my 5th floor apartment and […]


4 months ago

The Hottest Women of 2014

Some scientists say 2014 may be the hottest year ever recorded. Judging by these 100 women, we can’t argue. Not only are they indisputably sexy, but these of-the-moment actresses, athletes, and models are also ridiculously talented. They’re recognized everywhere from awards shows to social media. And, really, do you need a reason to appreciate hot […]


4 months ago

#Ewwwww Silent but Healthy: Sniffing Farts Is Good for You

To put it one way, small doses of hydrogen sulfide help keep cells healthy and thus help ward off maladies such as dementia, diabetes, and even cancer. To put it another way, “smelling farts could be the best thing you do today,” as per CNET. As the Independent explains, researchers at the University of Exeter […]

The Independent

4 months ago

Eminem concert at Wembley leaves fans complaining about sound quality

Members of the audience in the stadium on Friday night criticised the poor speaker system, which left them struggling to hear the global star.And critics also slated the sound quality, suggesting that fans would be justified in demanding a refund.However, Eminem has not yet issued a statement because he is still trying to find out […]


4 months ago

#HAWT!! ESPN The Magazine Body Issue

The Body Issue is ESPN The Magazine’s annual celebration of athletes’ amazing bodies, where we stop to admire the vast potential of the human form and unapologetically stand in awe of the athletes who’ve pushed their physiques to profound frontiers.

Will Calder

4 months ago

My coffee obsession…

Oh yep! Afrika on air knows how to win her way into my heart! I will put this to good use today! #gift #ThankYou! Now I have to think about getting her a gift and I’m horrible at that kinda stuff. What should I get her? Tweet me at @djwillcalder.


4 months ago

Here’s Why You Were Fired — And What You Should Learn From it

If you’ve ever been fired, it can be traumatic, surprising and even devastating to your life. Often times when someone gets fired, they are not given a specific reason because the company firing them is afraid of the potential legal repercussions when firing someone with cause. Therefore you often hear the term “without cause” or […]