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Jordan, Jay Z, Tiger, Carmelo Are Just A Few Who Pay Their ‘RE2PECT’ To Derek Jeter


Yes I, Cyn City, am a NY Yankees fan. Before you boo me or tell me to go back to NY, read what I’ve written with an open mind. Born and raised in the Bronx, I lived right around the block from Yankees stadium. I remember sitting by the window of my 5th floor apartment and hearing the sounds of every Yankee game. I barely watched it on tv because I loved hearing the sound of the cracks of the baseball bats and the cheers or boos from the crowds. Those are the sights & sounds of my childhood that I will never forget. The NY Yankees are the only baseball team I have ever loved, hated, and loved again. I promise I’m not one of those obnoxious NY fans who boost about how many titles we’ve won….ok I lie, I have rubbed it in people’s faces a few times BUT I don’t go on and on about it. lol.

When Mariano Rivera retired last year it was rough seeing the “goodbye tour”. Then we Jeter announced earlier this year that he was going retire, I knew right then that last year’s goodbye tour for Mariano would be NOTHING compared to the heartbreak I will feel with Jeter’s goodbye tour. I can’t handle it!! Ugh!

Well now, the Jordan Brand released a star-studded video tribute paying homage to Derek Jeter. It’s titled “RE2PECT,”  and it shows not only famous celebrities and athletes such as Phil Jackson, Jeanie Buss, Carmelo Anthony and Billy Crystal, but also regular men and women giving the tip of their cap to the Yankees captain.

It’s beautiful and yes, I am crying as I watch this. Even if you’re not a Yankees fan you have to still pay your respects to a fantastic player such as Jeter.

We’ll miss you Cap.