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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Feature Beyonce’s Most Memorable Outfits


Now here’s a fashion exhibit that, if you happen to be in Cleveland starting on Tuesday, you really can’t miss. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just announced it will present a selection of Beyoncé’s greatest hits, in the form of her most memorable outfits. And these are major pieces, as in one-sleeved-black-leotard-“Single Ladies” major.

Beyoncé, it should be noted, has not always been the flawless style icon that she is today, and she has made more than her share of questionable red carpet choices over the years. But her fashion evolution is indeed worthy of curatorial study. The vanguard-to-vulgar wardrobe from her video album released in December alone could be the subject of a thesis on conflicting expressions of feminism and voluntary sexual objectification in contemporary pop culture.

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