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An African American Captain, and a Woman with a hammer.


Thor has been rejected by his hammer, so the hammer is going to be taken up by a woman. The Captain, as known as Steve Rogers, won’t be able to carry The Shield anymore, so his African American colleague Sam Wilson will be taking his place. Definitely didn’t see any of this coming, but can understand why Marvel went this new route. We live in a diverse culture where all people should be accepted, so why not apply this new thinking to Superheroes as well? Marvel will be making these changes in the comics soon, even though you will still see Chris Evans as Captain America and Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Avengers 2. Big picture though, does this mean The Captain and The Demigod will be killed off in the Avengers movie? I’m assuming Anthony Mackie will play Captain America in future movies, but who is going to play Lady Thor? Looking forward to see this movie even more now! – Binoj