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Designer va-ja-ja’s the new rage!!

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Women between the ages of 18 and 24 are more likely than any other age group to enquire about labia reduction surgery, statistics revealed by leading cosmetic surgery group have revealed.Young women also account for the most breast augmentation, nose job and nipple correction enquiries, according to Transform Cosmetic Surgery.The report, compiled from enquiries made over the last four years, reveals that Transform has received on average 1,150 labia reduction requests each year from 18-24 year olds – more than any other age group.The clinic has revealed that the top surgical enquiries for those 18-24 years of age are:1. Boob job2. Nose job3. Liposuction4. Tummy tuck5. Breast reductionPopular non-surgical procedures for the demographic include dental and laser work, fillers, peels and botox.The data has highlighted a number of trends and allowed Transform to speculate as to whether there is a direct correlation between certain social factors and the enquiries they receive.The upsurge in ‘designer vagina’ enquiries is being attributed to “unrealistic representations of female genitalia in pornographic materials.”Patricia Dunion, Chief Operating Officer, said: “We’ve been helping patients for 40 years and in that time there’s been a massive change in what they enquire about. We’ve had 350,000 from all over the country in the last four years alone.”The trends are an insight into what influences have been at play. We’d never have guessed the Rooney effect would generate 5,500 enquiries for hair transplants – or that curvaceous bottoms would be all the rage in the noughties.

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