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‘Dress’ yoga pants are coming to an office near you


Athletic wear of all sorts is going mainstream.FORTUNE – Maybe the makers of pajama jeans were onto something.Comfy, stretchy pants – the ones with the forgiving waistband and breathable fabric – have always had their place: weekends on the couch and sometimes at the gym.But companies are now trying to turn this icon of casual Americana on its head by taking it mainstream, and even into the office.Betabrand, the Internet clothing company and maker of “executive” hoodies, said that its dress yoga pants that first shipped in February quickly became its top-selling product. (Maybe you’ve seen those ads of a woman doing a dancer pose in her cubicle.) And upstart Sweat Tailor, which sells $98 tailored sweatpants for men, told Fortune that its three-day Kickstarter soft launch raised $14,000. The company, whose campaign officially starts Tuesday, had expected to rake in at most $3,000.

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