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Hellooooo Mr. Grey! The 1st Official ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trailer

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After Beyonce teased the trailer with a sexy clip on July 19, we couldn’t wait to see Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) in that grey tie and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) looking more gorgeous than ever — and we got just that! In the new trailer, we see everything from the first time Anastasia and Christian meet, to the first time she comes face-to-face with the Red Room of Pain!

“I’m incapable of leaving you alone,” Christian whispers to Ana in the new trailer. Her response: “Then don’t.”

Talk about a steamy two and a half minutes!

The trailer debuted on Today — yes, that early in the morning — and we’ve already re-watched over and over again.

The awkwardness Dakota puts off as a submissive Ana is absolutely perfect. She’s stunning and doesn’t know it, just like author E.L. James would have wanted — it’s clear that she had a big part in the making of the movie, and rightfully so.

Yes, we see Charlie Tango. Yes, we see the steamy elevator scene. And yes, we see that grey tie.

“I don’t do romance. My cases are very singular, you wouldn’t understand,” Christian tells Ana while we see a plethora of sexy stares and steamy make outs. And of course, as we know since we read the book, she answers, “Enlighten me.”

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