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Lobster Mini-Season is HERE!

John Duhe

Lobster mini-season is off and running!

Wednesday and Thursday are the only days where it’s legal to catch the spiny lobster.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will be out on the waters making sure people are following the rules.

Divers need to make sure they bring a measuring device with them. Fishermen can only keep the lobster’s carapace, the section between the lobster’s head and tail, which needs to be more than 3 inches long.

People also can’t catch female lobster carrying eggs. The FWC says the eggs are easily visible and located under the lobster’s tail.

The lobsters need to be whole when brought to shore. It’s illegal to use anything that punctures its shell to catch them.

In local waters, divers can only keep 12 lobsters for themselves per day.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says it has a dog that can pick up on the scent of a lobster and can be used to find any extra ones people are trying to smuggle onto land.

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