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Down, boy! Treat your partner like a PUPPY and you’ll earn his lifelong love and devotion

Mail Online

From playing by The Rules to Bridget Jones’ obsession with appearing to be an ‘aloof, unavailable ice queen’, lots of relationship advice for women seems to hark back to playing hard to get.Now one relationship expert has come up with yet another take on this concept: treating your partner like a puppy. Remember the unconditional love and attention you get from a devoted hound? Well, life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams suggests that we can get the same from our partners – by training them as you would a puppy.  Scroll down for videoSloan says you should reward good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour with your partner, as with your dog’What I have found in my relationship coaching is that partners who follow a few simple puppy psychology rules in their relationships tend to have healthy, loving partnerships,’ says Sloan.’These are generally based on the four pillars of relationship success; honesty, trust, respect and integrity.’While Sloan recommends drawing upon traditional puppy psychology, she doesn’t suggest women should literally treat their men the same way they do their dogs.

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