Miami's Party Station


4 months ago

Video: Yikes: Nicki Minaj

The single is out on iTunes now.


4 months ago

HELLO Gold-diggers! The Wealthiest Person In Each State!

Here’s a lil something for the ladies that want a suga daddy in their life! Yea, some may be old, wrinkled, and have …well you know ____ problems! LMAO But hey, if money is what you want, they have plenty of it! Too much damn money is what I call it! YES, because I’m hating […]

The 305

4 months ago

Driving Through The Miami Tunnel Minutes After It Opened Yesterday at 10:30AM – (ArtOfMiami)

The Miami Tunnel Opened yesterday…we were there. WE are everywhere! Courtesy of Art Of Miami

John Duhe

4 months ago

Noise Pollution

Carmen’s calling on behalf of the Department of Air and Noise Pollution to investigate a certain odor that smells suspicious. Somehow things get freaky after that…


4 months ago

Don’t Want Your Phone to Blow Up? Follow These 6 Pieces of Expert Advice

We recently covered the story of a young Texas girl’s Samsung Galaxy smartphone incinerating near her head as she slept. Her phone was ruined, but the fire didn’t spread beyond the underside of her pillow, so she and her family were not harmed. Of course, not all chargeable electronics fires end without injury (see:this smartphone battery that […]


4 months ago

#JEEZ…Nicki Minaj released the SEXY SAMPLE of her Anaconda Video…[VIDEO]

We’ve got a snippet of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming “Anaconda” video and it looks like it will create as much controversy as the single’s art work. CLick above and you’ll see Nicki’s rear end is the video’s primary focus. And from the clip, we see that she knows how to “make it clap.” It’s going to […]

OK! Magazine

4 months ago

[NEW MUSIC] Beyonce Finally Acknowledges the Elevator Incident – In Song with. Nicki Minaj

Back in May after the infamous Elevator Incident of 2014, Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange Knowles released an official statement about it. But… Bey decided to address the mishap in the best way she knows how—via song—in this just-released remix of her hit song “Flawless,” featuring Nicki Minaj. Bey raps “of course some shit goes […]

John Duhe

4 months ago

A Man’s Guide to Women [VIDEO]

It’s all about the “Hot Crazy Matrix” – you’re welcome!

Lucy Lopez

4 months ago

I Scream. You Scream. Icecream.

For most people, ice cream is all about flavor. But for Spanish physicist Manuel Linares, it’s the color that counts. Linares has created an ice cream that changes color as it’s eaten. The fruity confection, called Xamaleón — as in, chameleon — starts out as a periwinkle blue and gradually morphs into hues of purple and pink. It’s your saliva that […]