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4 months ago

Noooo!!! Robin Williams dead at 63!

This has to be the saddest news in a long time! Oscar winner and comedian Robin Williams died this morning at 63 from an apparent suicide. You would think he was the happiest person on earth! Who DIDN’T love him? Mrs. Doubtfire will forever live in my heart <3

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4 months ago

Rihanna Looks GORG! In ‘W’ Magazine’s September Issue

Rihanna is back in full force, y’all. She just kicked off her Monster Tour with Eminem (and released the best tour merch ever) and now she’s on the cover of the September issue of Wmagazine. Rih just released a bunch of photos from her spread on Twitter, which she describes as “Eskimo Horror Story.” That description couldn’t be more fitting for […]


4 months ago

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Reacts To ‘Saved By The Bell’

In the latest installment of the popular React YouTube series, 17-year-old Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams joined fellow teens to watch Saved by the Bell for the first time. youtube.com It started with the theme song, which nearly made her die of secondhand embarrassment. youtube.com youtube.com But she found a way to appreciate it. youtube.com youtube.com She was also able […]

E! Online

4 months ago

Dwayne Johnson Reveals Mother and Cousin Survived Car Accident

Oh no! Dwayne Johnson has revealed some horrible news—his mom, Ata, and cousin, WWE NXT Diva Lina Fanene, were in a horrific car accident earlier this week. Luckily, they survived. The two were in a vehicle that was struck head on by a drunk driver, The Rock said on his Instagram page on Saturday, alongside a photo of two wrecked […]


4 months ago

If Fantasy Football Had A Theme Song, This Would Be It!

Eli & Peyton Manning are back at it again! In this new Direct TV commercial the fellas are rapping about how glorious the Direct TV ‘Sunday Fantasy Ticket Zone’ package is. It’s a whole music video! There’s chicks, pool parties, nachos, a horse with wings, & auto tune! Everything you would need in a hip […]

Page Q Sports

4 months ago

#Florida Boy Defeats 9-Foot Alligator

A 9-foot alligator was apparently no match for one brave 9-year-old Florida boy. Via the Huffington Post: A representative with the St. Cloud Police Department told WFTV that James Barney Jr. was bicycling Thursday when he decided to take a dip in a restricted area of a lake in Osceola County. What was supposed to be […]

John Duhe

4 months ago

Manny Nanny

Carmen is trying to get a hold of Manny…has ANYONE seen Manny?!?!


4 months ago

Baby Aria loves her Mc Flurrys

John Duhe

4 months ago


JP goes down to the courthouse to ask one, simple question…


4 months ago

6 things that drive up the cost of your mortgage

#1Credit Score #2 Equity #3 Occupancy #4 Load Size #5 Co-Signers #6 Time Frame Delays