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Crop tops: a men’s fashion trend too far


But the trend – let’s call it that, shall we? – is not just consigned to
social media’s obnoxious forms of self-expression; earlier in 2014, rapper
Kid Cudi performed at Cochella in April wearing
an orange crop top that skimmed his stomach, causing mild internet

Hip-hop’s fascination with fashion has seen the industry’s more outlandish
artists playing fast and loose with their style – Kanye
West has been known to wear a leather skirt, while rapper A$AP
Rocky’s love of streetwear and high fashion has seen him carve out an
identity as one of the most avant garde rappers in a traditionally masculine
culture. You’d be hard-pressed to find many men dressing like them on
Croydon high street, and let’s hope the same goes for Kid Cudi.

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