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2 weeks ago

Chick-fil-A Manager Allegedly Not On Fleek After Banning Slang at Work

Eric the manager is fed up! According to one Reddit user, a group of Instagram-loving, Vine-sharing, Twitter-tweeeting teens have been accusing their Chick-fil-A co-workers of being “3hunnid” and “on fleek.” Management, it would seem, is against not only teens empowering other teens but true love (to paraphrase scholar Max Muller: “A flower cannot blossom without […]


2 weeks ago

Prison hosts first-ever father-daughter dance

Prisoners at the Federal Detention Center in Miami, Florida, attended the prison’s first-ever Daddy-Daughter Dance last week.The event inspired girls and their fathers to dress up in their finest outfits. “There is Still Time at the Ball,” the theme of the dance, was to remind the fathers to take an active part in the lives […]


2 weeks ago

Instagram is killing teen girls’ self-esteem

For most adults, the acronyms teen girls are using on Instagram would be hard to decipher without a special dictionary. BMS means “break my scale,” as in “this photo is so precious that it goes beyond 10 on a one-to-10 scale.” Established affectionate gestures like “xo” or “143” (short hand for ‘I love you’, according to the number […]


2 weeks ago

Shady Waitress Dupes Fool Into Buying $3,750 Bottle of Wine

Holy shit snacks she really did dig didn’t she? There’s an entire section for Top 50 under $50 and she went to the second highest?Flagged Not necessarily. He might have already been flipping through that menu when he asked for her advice and it might have already been open at that page, so that she […]

The Huffington Post

2 weeks ago

These Apps Help You Realize How Much Time You Waste On Your Phone

How many times a day do you check your smartphone? A dozen? Fifty? As several new apps on the market will tell you, the number is probably much higher than what you guessed. Moment tracks how many minutes you spend on your phone each day, along with how many times you unlock it. You can […]


2 weeks ago

24 Vines That Get Better Every Time You Watch Them

One more time.


2 weeks ago

Check out the 10 types of people that annoy EVERYONE!

Everyone knows at least one of these people, yet no one likes any of them. 1. The ones who play the martyr. “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m only dying over here … but I’ll be okay,” say these people … about a paper cut. 2. The ones who feel they’ve cornered the market on pain […]

New York Post

2 weeks ago

This man was swallowed whole by an anaconda – willingly

For most it would be a nightmare, but this man’s dream to be swallowed whole by an anaconda has come true. Paul Rosolie, a naturalist and wildlife filmmaker, made a custom-built snake-proof suit that he tested on a real live anaconda for Discovery Channel’s “Eaten Alive.”

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