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Elite Daily

3 weeks ago

LOL! His Wife Didn’t Want Maternity Photos, So He Snapped Some Of His Beer Belly Instead

This is so disturbing but HILARIOUS!!! ————– A pregnant woman is a vulnerable woman. Hormones are raging, skin is stretching, and a living, breathing, toe-nail growing person is rapidly developing inside an even more rapidly growing stomach. Pregnancy is simultaneously one of the most beautiful and frightening things known to the human race. How does an actual […]


3 weeks ago

This Kid Hates Life

This goes out to parents who have kids who simply look mortified when you start to jam out to some good old school jams in public. I was up late last night as per usual, (thank you insomnia), and the new Kraft Mac & Cheese commercial featuring Vanilla Ice came on and I was chuckling […]

Page to Premiere

3 weeks ago

First Teaser Trailer Released For ‘The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies’

The first official teaser trailer and a new poster have been released for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies! The trailer gives us our first look at major battle scenes, Smaug arriving in Laketown, and Thorin fading to the powers of the Arkenstone:  

The Huffington Post

3 weeks ago

Reason #1534564651321654513 I Don’t Online Date

Trust no one! ******** Remember last month when everyone hated on Facebook for manipulating people’s moods in the name of science? On Monday, the dating website OkCupid came to Facebook’s defense by admitting that it, too, runs experiments on people. Let’s just say the reaction wasn’t much better. Christian Rudder, one of OkCupid’s founders, wrote a company blog post Monday explaining […]

MTV News

3 weeks ago

Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett Announce Their Jazz Album

*jazz hands* —————————– Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett want to sing their latest news from the mountaintops. But since they were in New York City, they had to make do with the top of 30 Rockefeller Center. The pair announced their jazz album atop the GE Building on the “Today” show on Tuesday morning (July 29). The album, […]

Fox News

4 weeks ago

“NO! NO! NO!” …Chanted The Burglar That WWE Star Daniel Bryan Caught Robbing His Home

I’m sure those dudes IMMEDIATELY regretted their decision to try and rob Daniel’s home. lol ————— A former WWE champion known as Daniel Bryan chased two burglary suspects he saw exiting his Phoenix home this week and subdued one until officers arrived, investigators said. According to police, Bryan Danielson and his wife, Brianna, drove into the […]


4 weeks ago

Watch A 5 Minute Preview Of The ‘Simpsons’-'Family Guy’ Crossover Episode

If you’ve always wondered what would happen if Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson hung out at a bar while Bart and Stewie made prank phone calls, Family Guy is about to satisfy your crossover craving. In the Sept. 28 season premiere, “The Simpsons Guy,”the albino Griffins wind up by accident in Springfield, where they are greeted warmly […]


4 weeks ago

King Kong Movie ‘Skull Island’ Set for 2016

Legendary Entertainment is developing a movie based on Skull Island, better known as the home ofKing Kong. The pic is scheduled to be released on November 4, 2016. While the film isn’t expected to be a sequel or reboot to the 2005 movie Peter Jackson directed for Universal, Legendary’s pic will likely feature the big ape in […]

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