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Lucy Lopez

25 mins ago

Why R U on House Arrest?

This is great…this guy is still on house arrest for passing gas on a cop!  


17 hours ago

Best Lyric Video 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

VMAS are this weekend …who’s ready? Power 96 is going straight COMEDY HOUR (well 4 Hours) on Twitter at all the stuff we find dope and DUMB. In the meantime – Check out the Best Lyric Video nominees, vote for the Best Lyric Video and find out who wins on MTV August 24th at 9/8c.


21 hours ago

#Anaconda #Damn #Nicki … that is all.

Nicki Minaj and her wonderful physique apparently broke the internet last night with the release of the full Anaconda music video….it was sooooo worth the wait!…There’s so much ASSTRONAUGHTINESS – we can’t post it because we’ll get in trouble…BUT OF COURSE we’ll give you the link… Shhh don’t tell NOOOO BODY! Thanks VEVO http://vevo.ly/Pf9T2K

John Duhe

23 hours ago

“The Field: Miami” [VIDEO]

Just when you thought you knew Miami…take a closer look!

John Duhe

24 hours ago

21 People Who Don’t Have Time For Your Flirtatious Texting

Sometimes, flirting via text message can be cute. But, other times it can just be plain annoying. And clearly, not everyone has time to go back and forth with you all day. Especially if the other person isn’t even interested in you in the first place! To see ALL of these flirty texting fails, hit […]

John Duhe

1 day ago

The Longest Traffic Light in Miami!

Ugh! Red lights are the worst! But which one is the longest?? Which red light takes the title of “Worst traffic light in South Floida” @erikagomez2145: that light on 103 st going palmetto north is the freaking worst! @goofy_n_minnie_042114: On 41street go to metro west @ad_ve_au: The from 57 ave 167 right before you get […]

Lucy Lopez

1 day ago

This is a Pear that looks like a Baby.

I didn’t believe it … till I saw this photo. This is creepy and cute at the same time. Like how I feel when I go to lunch with DJ Zog. More Baby Pear Pictures Here!  

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