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1 month ago

Z-MIX 2014 [Free Download]

  Smash the Beats, Pound the Drums and Feel the Vibe for 46 minutes with this DJ Zog Podcast! Download it at no cost and pump it up at any occasion. Zog is not responsible for elevating your heart rate to dangerous levels. Especially since he has no insurance either. Instagram and Twitter: @DJZog


4 months ago

Zummer14 [Free Download] by DJ Zog

The only reason to download this mix is because it’s FREE. Please disregard the creativity, blending, scratching, mixing, smooth transitions and dope remixes it contains. Use hashtag “#Zummer14″ when listening to it.


8 months ago

Zog4TheWin [Free Download]

Turning down is not an option….unless it’s for what. Life is about figuring out a way to fist pump and twerk at the same damn time. Rage with DJ Zog as he delivers 50 minutes of nonstop awesome sauce.


9 months ago


The Master of the Traffic Jam is giving you all your favorite tracks from January’s BEST Traffic Jams. WARNING: Intense fist pumping (may cause dislocation of the elbow or shoulder), so please do it with caution. DJ Zog brings you the first mix of 2014 and expects a few dislocations despite his fist pump advisory. […]


10 months ago

Miami Grammy Viewing Party Brings The Heat-Madd News

While #Power96’s Lucy Lopez and Will Calder covered all the behind the scene action at The 2014 Grammy Awards… throughout the nation, various Grammy affiliate offices hosted viewing parties! The Miami Grammy Viewing Party brought the exotic heat of the city! The man behind the Traffic Jam with Afrika – Power 96’s very own DJ […]


1 year ago

#TBT Mix by @DJZog

Hop in your 1992 Honda, pop in the LL Cool J cassette and drive to Blockbuster Video to rent a few movies on VHS. Don’t forget your beeper. Download this mix and Throwback Thursday is any day you want it to be! For more Zog, hit up the website, DJZog.com. 143.


1 year ago

Who is ZOGzilla?

DJ Zog has been on air on Miami’s Party Station since you were a baby. His distinct style of blending Hip Hop, House, Old School, Reggae and Rock has revolutionized the music trend in South Florida. Listen to him live weekdays at 5pm for the Traffic Jam!


1 year ago

WE Want More by DJ Zog

DJ Zog gives you more……but it’s probably not enough. Killer EDM Beats and House remixes with a touch of twerkin’ tunes. Make sure as your stepping on the gas pedal, don’t drop that thun thun because it might give you summertime sadness.

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