Miami's Party Station


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“I was born in Seacaucus – New Jersey, but raised in the city of progress: Hialeah. You might cringe at that because you’re an elitist. I get it. It’s cool.

I love my family. I have two children, but my boyfriend and I refuse to get married until marriage is legal for EVERYONE. I’m a hardcore patriot. Love our country. Obsessed with the following: Ronald Reagan, Justice, Quentin Tarantino, Symmetry, Leo DiCaprio, Surfing, Howard Stern, Nelson Bravo,Kettle&Soda, Sushi, Street Art, Julio Macias, women who rock their body size with pride and reading the Cultist in the Miami New Times.

I also LOVE-LOVE-LOVE meeting new people, but not in a creeper kind of way. ((If someone tells you that they are related to me feel free to contact me via twitter @thelucylopez…I bet you they are NOT))