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2 days ago

YASS BEYONCE, YASS!- New Video 7/11 is on FLEEK.

When one of my best friends texted me, I KNEW I had to see it. And also that I am lame. Beyonce is TURNT in this video. It looks like it was shot on an iPhone, it’s a twerk-fest, and Blu makes a little cameo! Get it Blu Blu! #IwannaGoOutNowandTwerkSome Watch Bey do her thang. […]


1 month ago

Why the Haters Will Always Hate.

Have you ever had a friend that always had all of the gossip? And, at the time, it felt satisfying to indulge but when you walked away you wondered, “Wait, if that person is saying all these negative things about another person, could they do the same to me?” Of course. That is not saying […]


3 months ago

TINDER!- My Female Review

TINDER: The hot, new-ish dating app that is super addictive. Until it’s not. The first time I heard about Tinder, I was with a bunch of tourists in the Florida Keys. Do you have Tinder? A what? A Tinder… It’s basically like a hook-up app that searches for singles near your location… Sounds creepy. I […]


4 months ago

10 Instagram Pics Girls Love to Post

There’s no doubt about it- Girls LOVE Instagram. But our posts are getting a little predictable. We gotta step our Insta-game up. Here are the top 10 predictable Girl-posts. 1. The Selfie- This is the all-time favorite. This is you thinking you look gooood. You want those likes. If it doesn’t get likes, you’re deleting […]


5 months ago

The Beauty of Sam Smith- Acoustic LATCH

I just think that his voice is so beautiful… so here is the link to the acoustic version of Latch. It is every bit of gorgeous. Click link below to watch


5 months ago

Drake and Chris Brown… RIHANNA WHO??

Drake and Chris Brown are currently in the studio y’all! They are putting the beef (and Rihanna) behind them, and the money in the forefront! I think they have FINALLY realized that an amicable, working relationship could mean MILLION$$$ helloooo… Reasons this is good: a) Chris Brown can have a good relationship with the whole […]


5 months ago

Dating- Let The Games Begin! Or not.

  I have been dating for about 7 months now. While I do love being single and dating, it would be disingenuous to say that I love it all of the time. Obviously there are ups and downs to being young and single. But one thing is for sure, this has definitely been a time […]


6 months ago

Justin Bieber- Bathtub Baptism

Ohhhhhhhh Justin. As you probably know, Justin Bieber has been on a fast-track to H-E-double hockey sticks! No but really, his “Baby, Baby, Baby” image has definitely been tarnished with all this bad boy behavior! Bad Bieber! And recently, with all these racist videos, I’m assuming he wants to clean up his act! I hope? […]

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